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Jet.com, A Walmart Company:
7th Floor

Hoboken, New Jersey

Jet.com’s rapid growth required an expansion of their Hoboken, NJ, workspace into the 7th floor. In response to Jet.com’s dynamic culture, a variety of colors were used to express an energetic, fun environment with whimsical branding and graphics. The e-commerce floor showcases atypical products from Jet.com such as garden gnomes, vinyl records, and rubber duckies. The workspace and amenities celebrate the company’s culture and creates a sense of home and community. The UX-Lab welcomes consumers into a urban apartment setting to study how the typical customer shops online. A photography studio allows employees to photograph products for their website. The open workplace has a variety of communal spaces throughout the floor including huddle rooms, phone rooms, and a social hub that incorporates a 24/7 market.