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Lafayette 148 Headquarters

Brooklyn, New York

Moving its headquarters to the newly renovated Building 77 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, women’s luxury fashion brand Lafayette 148 called on Gensler to develop a tailor-made space. Previously dispersed among seven floors, their teams were repositioned onto one sprawling floor, promoting a newfound fluency of business for Lafayette 148. The design aesthetic juxtaposes the industrial character of Building 77 with a sophisticated femininity. A neutral palette of colors and materials accentuate the space in graphite, heather grey, white, black, and honey wood. Additionally, Lafayette 148’s cultural ethos as an American-Chinese-owned company was incorporated into the design. A feng shui consultant was enlisted to confirm adherence to traditional practices: touches of red were added, live walls installed, and shelving created for employees’ plants and greenery at each desk.