A building with glass windows. Lingang Sci-Tech City campus buildings Lingang Sci-Tech City campus buildings in loop Lingang Sci-Tech City campus aerial view
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Lingang Sci-Tech City Innovation Cube Phase I: Zhijing Technology Center

Shanghai, China

Positioned on reclaimed land and next to a major global shipping route, the highly connected Lingang Sci-Tech City is the first of its kind in Shanghai’s Lingang Special Area. It showcases the innovative vision of Shanghai Lingang Technology & Innovation City Economic Development Company. The 78896.7-square-meter multi-tenant R&D community features a winding loop that connects the six buildings on the innovation campus, creating a greenery-filled space that stimulates synergy and sharing. Two types of core positions are applied to accommodate the needs of diverse tenants. The modern glassy curtains walls of the buildings are decorated with poetic wave-pattern fins — an architectural characteristic echoing the community’s seaside location.