A bedroom with a bed and a mirror. A room with a bench and a wall with a design on it.
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Luxury Wedding Halls and Spa

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Located in the capital of Saudi Arabia, the Wedding Halls is a luxury mixed-use hospitality development that caters to weddings as well as private and public events. Other amenities include a bridal suite, a makeup room, a family room, a luxury spa with a pool and conjoining secret garden, a gym and meditation room, retail, and F&B spaces. The unique high-end destination in Riyadh is a one-of-a-kind establishment that is positioned as the ideal retreat for those who seek a momentary escape from reality. The concept inspiration comes from the symbolic idea of love birds — the timeless representation of eternal love that speaks to all generations. The Wedding Halls becomes a unique journey of discovery not limited to the wedding celebration, but also the unique moments that take place before and after as you transition from one space to the other.