A room with a couch and chairs. A large room with a large chandelier and a pool. A bedroom with a bed and a tv. A living room with a large window. A room with a large glass wall and a large round table with a couch and a large window. A living room with a large ceiling.
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Marriott Bloom Central

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Abu Dhabi Marriott Hotel, part of the mixed-use Bloom Central development, is designed to inspire and energize. The contemporary and stylish interiors blend the latest in residential design with bold color, dramatic lighting, and the embrace of true comfort. Subtle references to Abu Dhabi’s artisanal culture are presented through the incorporation of screens, natural materials, patterns, and color palettes. With three thematically-inspired restaurants, the gathering and meeting spaces are the hotel highlights, and include a book-filled library nook, an informal coffee bar, meeting rooms, conference center, ballrooms, rooftop pool, and lobby lounge. Throughout these spaces, attention to detail creates a luxurious and considerate ambiance.