A group of people walking on the sidewalk next to a building. A large building with many windows. A street with cars and buildings on either side of it. A street with cars and buildings. A group of people walking outside of a building. A busy street with cars and people. A person on a billboard on a building. A red truck parked in front of a building with people walking around.
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Monument Realty: Half Street

Washington, D.C.

In working with developer Monument Realty on the design and development of a 600-foot streetscape and retail zone between the Navy Yard Metro Station and the Washington Nationals’ new home, Gensler facilitated a visioning session, from which emerged the project’s framework and tone. One essential aspect of the session was the creation of a “storybox” in which participants used images, words, colors and objects to visually convey their expectations of Half Street. The resulting design strategy and brand positioning set the direction for all subsequent aspects of the project including retail, outdoor spaces, residential and commercial buildings.