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Oracle Japan, Digital Cafe Waterfall

Tokyo, Japan

Digital Cafe Waterfall


A new staff cafeteria, Digital Cafe Waterfall, opened on the twenty-second floor of the Oracle Aoyama Center. The cafe seats 340 people, and its design resonates strongly with values and themes of Oracle Japan’s Vision2020. Gensler designers placed an eight-meter-long “big table” — which combines multiple lumber varieties and is crafted to represent the idea of diversity and cooperation — with Oracle branding in the shape of a glowing red hollow in the middle. This facility is designed to be used as a site for internal and external events and is equipped with a projector, as well as private rooms and flexible-layout seating, producing more opportunities for use of the space and providing a greater degree of variation to fit individual communication and work styles. In everyday use, the cafe encourages the employees of Oracle to interact and mingle.

日本オラクル社の経営ビジョンVision2020の実現に向けた取り組みの一環として、オラクル青山センターの22階に340席の社員用カフェテリア、 デジタルカフェ「Waterfall」を開設した。