A building with stairs and plants. A room with a wood floor and a wood wall with a painting on it. A living room with a fireplace. A room with tables and chairs. A living room with a couch and a desk. A living room with a fireplace.
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Room & Board

Multiple Locations

Headquartered in Minneapolis, modern furniture retailer and manufacturer, Room & Board, commissioned Gensler to design and implement several new retail showrooms, including locations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Boston. Leveraging its broad range of expertise and the geographic reach of its offices, Gensler strategized an internal team network to provide each showroom with a dedicated design team. Gensler’s Minneapolis office worked closely with Room & Board’s corporate office, and local Gensler offices handled the design and implementation for individual showrooms. Each team worked carefully to ensure that new store designs clearly represented Room & Board’s established image, while incorporating unique design characteristics specific to its location and space.