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Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2): Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

As part of the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) initiative, the City of Las Vegas launched a design competition with the goal of procuring highly innovative and transformational economic development ideas. Inspired by the interplay between Las Vegas’ excesses and its limited natural resources, Gensler’s Cashman Battery proposal calls for a campus of generative buildings fueled by solar and wind power that turns the Cashman Center site into a sustainable industry hub. This 50-acre, mixed-use campus plan artfully combines residential, office, entertainment, leisure and learning componets into one transit-rich urban disctrict. Envisioned as the nation’s most environmentally sustainable city core, the future Cashman Battery will serve not only as a vibrant and pioneering community builder, but as the geographical center of the nation’s burgeoning “Green Economy.”