A couple of men standing behind a bar with a large screen behind them. A table with chairs and a game board in a room with lights. A group of people in a room with computers. A person standing in front of a stage with a large screen. A person standing in a room with a large screen and a stage with lights.
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Time Warner Cable, Regional Sports Network

El Segundo, California

Time Warner Cable recently signed a 20 year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers to distribute their basketball games and original programming across two regional sports networks—an English-language network and the nation’s first Spanish-language regional sports network. Gensler was hired for the interior design of these two new network spaces, comprising two buildings and an outdoor amenities space that connects them.  Time Warner’s mission was a key driver behind the colorful and energetic design.  After passing the reception area, whose floor is an authentic slab of the Staples Center basketball court, high-end lounge areas and media screens placed throughout engage visitors and connect the networks to the sport.