A street with buildings on both sides. A building with many windows and people walking around. A large indoor space with a dinosaur and a large building with a large statue. A large red and white rocket. A person in a garment.
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New York, New York

Two former Broadway theaters are combined architecturally to create the expansive, column-free, four-story flagship superstore for this renowned retailer. An unprecedented combination of innovative retail design, entertainment architecture and groundbreaking graphic communication has resulted in not just a shopping experience, but a premier tourist destination. A 60-foot-high indoor Ferris wheel greets customers and offers panoramic views of the store. To stand out in media-dense Times Square, the building’s entire façade was transformed into a billboard; the high-tech system is controlled digitally, but allows for views into the store and creates an intriguing experience for visitors inside and out as they watch the six image surfaces revolve.