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Walmart Home Office

Bentonville, Arkansas

Walmart’s new 350-acre home office will be fully integrated into the community, and inclusive of the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas. Gensler is the Design Architect for the office buildings and is the Executive Architect for the overall campus design. The campus honors Walmart’s heritage and supports the growth happening in its hometown by utilizing 1.7 million cubic feet of regionally-sourced lumber for the structures, making it the largest mass timber campus project in the United States. The buildings will provide ample daylight and incorporate sustainable design strategies, including energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, with the goal of creating zero waste, operating with 100% renewable energy, and using sustainable resources and products. With the Razorback Regional Greenway running through the campus, integrated biking and walking trails will elevate internal mobility on the site, encouraging community building—a key feature of tomorrow’s livable cities.