A city next to a body of water.
A high angle view of a building.
A high angle view of a building.
A large billboard on a street.
A group of buildings next to a body of water.
A couple of tall buildings with lights on at night.
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Xiamen Shimao Straits Tower

Xiamen, China

Inspired by the grace and simplicity of Xiamen’s city flower, the triangular-shaped Plum Blossom, this mixed-use development represents both the city’s unique culture and its rapid economic development. During the design process, Gensler considered how the towers would illuminate Xiamen’s skyline from different perspectives and how the towers would respond to their position at the meeting of water and land. Incorporating office, hotel, loft apartments and retail uses, the twin towers appear to bloom, as a podium supports the “flowers” sitting gracefully atop the water. The design accentuates the area’s local heritage while deftly representing the innovative edge key to the city’s sustained growth.