How can Gensler achieve a carbon-neutral portfolio by 2030?

Research Project Name

Gensler's Path To Net Zero

What We Did

We identified tools to help Gensler make significant, year-over-year progress toward our goal of a carbon-neutral portfolio by 2030, the focus of the new Gensler Cities Climate Challenge. To accomplish this, we developed a strategic roadmap and a tool to empower managers to focus their design decisions on sustainability around a project’s energy usage. The 2030 roadmap identifies the annual percentage improvement needed to meet sustainability goals. It then establishes a front-loaded strategy to accelerate sustainability efforts in the next five years to encourage quick progress. The tool goes beyond existing publicly available energy target tools by integrating into Gensler project workflows and including performance data from Gensler’s portfolio.

We began by analyzing Gensler’s performance and baseline data to develop energy targets for new projects based on their typology, size, climate zone, and projected completion date. We also met with project managers to understand the needed resources for net zero performance, and analyzed portfolio-wide strategies for achieving the identified improvement targets. From this research, we developed a proof of concept for the project startup tool that empowers project managers to make well-informed, sustainability related design decisions up front.

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Anthony Brower, Brian Ledder, Gail Napell, Gregory Plavcan, Leonard Sciarra, Mallory Taub, Rives Taylor

Year Completed