Webinar: The Future of Work in Asia Pacific and Australia
Based on the Gensler Research Institute’s Global Workplace Survey Findings

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented incredible new challenges for millions of workers around the globe. The Gensler Research Institute’s latest Global Workplace Survey 2020 findings explore how and where office workers will want to work in a post-pandemic future.

On December 9 and 10, a panel of Gensler's Global Workplace Research leaders, designers, and workplace strategists including Janet Pogue McLaurin, Tim Pittman, Chie Matsushita, Tom Owens, and Nayan Parekh, hosted a webinar focused on the future of work in the Asia Pacific region and Australia. Experts from Gensler’s offices in Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, and Shanghai gathered to assess how global office workers’ work-from-home experiences differed throughout global cities — as do their expectations for the future hybrid workplace. The conversation examined the universal commonalities and unique differences across these cities with regional insight about how the office can be reimagined in a post-COVID future.

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