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Gensler Voices: Nick Acevedo on Transformation

This Q&A is part of a series of interviews with Gensler architects, designers, and others in the firm about their career journey, and the impact that design and architecture can have on our communities and the human experience. Here, we sit down with Nick Acevedo, a designer in our Newport Beach office:

If you could impart any piece of advice to individuals beginning their design career, what would it be?

I’ve been lucky in my career to have the opportunity to start and finish a variety of projects in both level of detail and sizes. If I could advise anything it would be express your desire to start and complete projects as often as possible. Project lifespans are a rollercoaster and they not always exciting at all times. Projects stop and start and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to stay involved. There may be times you need to be the leader but be aware enough to know when the project needs something other than yourself. However, learning on projects is imperative for both the project and yourself. Always identify what you are learning at each stage or in each interaction.

How do diverse backgrounds and experiences make Gensler a better design firm?

Our backgrounds, our perspectives, and our experiences fuel our own creativity. We create teams that not only have diverse backgrounds, but are invested in each other. This produces an energy that can lead to innovation. Innovation leads to change. Change leads to evolution and I believe Gensler’s ability to evolve has made us a better design firm. We are all part of this evolution, and we will determine the future of design.

How has your work mindset shifted as you’ve advanced in your career?

My mindset not only shifted, but restructured and refocused. There were times I found my focus only on learning, times I focused deep on projects, times I focused on growth of others, times I focused on my family and realized the joy I get from my career is when I can be doing all these in harmony. Right now, I am in a time of focusing on the impact I can by being present and I start everyday by actually focusing on myself.

What are you most excited for when it comes to the future of architecture and design?

Transformation...we are in a time of having to rethink our approach, rethink how and what we build, rethink how we could utilize space, rethink how architects and designers exist in the world. This excites me because I think at my core its why I became an architect…to be in a constant state of learning and evolution.

What is a daily habit of yours that you swear by

I have recently been focused on my health. My daily habit I swear by is running and focus journaling. Honestly, I think having any habit is key to giving us balance.

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