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Equity Through Design: How To Improve Hybrid Meetings

What We Did

Hybrid meetings are the new normal. They make it easy for organizations to bring people together from multiple locations and provide employees with much appreciated flexibility. They also pose specific challenges that, when left unaddressed, can be a source of frustration. Too many workers know the pain of joining a Zoom meeting with a list of ready-to-share ideas — only to sit in a virtual room with their emoji hand raised while their in-person colleagues work out an idea on a whiteboard. Situations like these highlight a vexing paradox: the purpose of hybrid meetings is to be more inclusive, but they tend to favor the contributions and perspectives of participants who are physically present, often at the expense of those attending from a remote location.

Employees value equitable experiences, and companies that improve their hybrid meeting strategy can gain a substantial competitive advantage. Our research investigates how physical space can create more equitable hybrid meetings. Specifically, it explores how thoughtfully designed conference rooms, coupled with new behaviors, can level the playing field between in-person and remote participants, enabling every person, regardless of location, to participate in meaningful ways.

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Greg Gallimore, Bonnie Reese, Steve Woods, Lauren Vogel, Lauren Rondel, Larika Mallier

Year Completed