Research Project Name

Quantifying Embodied Carbon

What We Did

It is impossible to truly address the full carbon impact of buildings and interiors projects without acknowledging the significant role of embodied carbon in the overall footprint of the built environment. Yet too often, conversations on sustainability, resilience, and zero carbon focus on operational carbon and energy metrics — addressing the energy used and carbon emitted by the fuel powering a building or space, but not the carbon and energy impacts of the creation of that space and the materials it encompasses. We first sought to understand how best to appropriately measure embodied carbon, and to identify the greatest sources of it in our portfolio. We then examined the most effective actions to make reductions.

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David Briefel, Islay Burgess, Melissa Kelly, Kaley Blackstock, Mallory Taub, Richard Tyson, Joseph Lauro, Rives Taylor

Year Completed