Regional Leadership

Diane Hoskins

Global Co-Chair

+1 202.721.5218

 |  LinkedIn » Diane is Global Co-Chair of Gensler. Since 2005, the collaborative leadership embodied by Diane and Global...

Colin O’Brien

Regional Managing Principal

+1 404.507.0978

 |  LinkedIn » Colin joined Gensler in 2008, bringing with him strong professional experience in multi-unit retail and...

Office Leadership

Dawn Gunter

Managing Director, Principal

+1 305.350.7075

 |  LinkedIn » As a Principal and Managing Director of Gensler’s Miami office, Dawn’s focus on understanding the essence of...


Shamim Ahmadzadegan

Design Director, Principal

+1 305.372.8367

 |  LinkedIn » Shamim’s portfolio of award-winning projects demonstrates a deep experience with designs of enormous scale and...

Danielle Elzahr

Studio Director

+1 305.350.7077

 |  LinkedIn » As a Senior Associate and Studio Director at Gensler Miami, Danielle focuses on large, complex development...

Brandon Larcom

Product Development Leader

+1 202.721.5353

 |  LinkedIn » Brandon is a global leader of Gensler’s Product Development practice. As Co-Director of Product Development, he...

Chris Mitchell

Studio Director, Design Director, Principal

+1 305.372.8378

 |  LinkedIn » Chris is a Principal, Studio Director, and Design Director in the Gensler Miami office. With a commitment to a...