Masayuki Kobayashi headshot

Masayuki Kobayashi, 1st Cl RA

Studio Director, Senior Associate

小林 雅幸 , 一級建築士


When Masayuki joined Gensler, he brought previous experience from being responsible for the design and project management for one of the leading general contractors in Japan. While working on office projects for the U.S, Masayuki coordinated with local contractors, vendors, and consultants and developed technical knowledge in design development to construction documentation for data center projects. Masayuki works as a Workplace Studio Director at Gensler, building upon skills developed through his prior experience in technical expertise, architecture standards knowledge, and coordination skills. He is a valued team player who strives for success in each project and showcases his passion for creating spaces that engage users.
国内外のプロジェクトを通して設計とプロジェクトマネジメントの両分野で経験を積んだ後、ゲンスラーに入社。 ワークプレイススタジオのディレクターとしてチームを牽引し、グローバルに活躍する企業のプロジェクトに多数携わる。クライアントを含めたプロジェクト全体のチームワークを重視し、テクニカルな知識と調整交渉力で課題解決プロセスを迅速に推進する。