A photo of Raj Patel

Raj Patel, AIA

Architecture Design Director, Senior Associate

A registered American Architect, Raj leads the architecture design studio in the Middle East. Raj’s experience across different cultures influences his design approach as he weaves together traditional and modern architecture into contemporary designs, relevant to their cultural and contextual settings. A passionate designer, Raj enjoys collaborating with teams, mentoring young architects and understanding cultural influences on how buildings are used. A perennial figure in the list of Top 40 Most Powerful Architects in Middle East by Middle East Architect magazine, Raj’s professional thoroughness combined with his creative talent and leadership ability has made him an award-winning architect with many esteemed projects in his portfolio. Raj also frequently speaks at conferences and events with an aim to engage in conversations that influence design trends. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Architecture from the Yale University.


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