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1364ah Lifestyle Center

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Located adjacent to the eastern gate of the Diplomatic Quarter, Gensler’s design for 1364ah, Riyadh's premier lifestyle center, captures the essence of the neighborhood and the spirit of the city. The concept for the new mixed-use development is inspired by natural strata formations prevalent in the rugged landscape that surrounds Riyadh. Reminiscent of these mystical formations that have been formed by water and wind through time, Gensler's contemporary design creates six free-standing curvilinear forms that appear to be shaped by the movement of pedestrians, wind, and views flowing into the central pedestrian spine. The openness of the project speaks to the new vitality of the city and the aspirations of its citizens.

The entertainment cluster houses a variety of programs including retail, food & beverage, cinema, bowling, and office space. The mixed-use retail center's ground level is designed as a free-flowing, vibrant courtyard that opens outwards in every direction and invites the public to engage. Water features, shading elements, and landscaping create an intimate space that hosts naturally shaded outdoor seating areas, event spaces, and community gathering areas.