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The Avenues

Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Avenues is a retail concept inspired by the great cities of the world, developed as a collaboration between Gensler’s urban designers, landscape architects, architects, interior designers, and brand designers. This retail center offers a signature shopping experience with more than 600 retail units and food and beverage outlets in a dramatic scheme of The Grand Avenue, SoKu, Prestige, The Forum, Electra, and The Souk.

The retail development is designed as a piece of cityscape, with a network of streets and plazas, covered by an ETFE roof for maximum natural sunlight, yet a high degree of solar protection and variable shading opportunities. Gensler worked closely with the client to create a socially, economically, and environmentally viable master plan. The Avenues’ master plan was then evolved and developed with retail planning principles to create the destination of Kuwait and offer an enhanced experience for visitors.