January 26, 2017

Gensler Releases Second Volume of Professional Practice Case Study Series

WASHINGTON — Gensler is proud to release the second volume of its Professional Practice Case Study Series, an educational resource for students at accredited architecture and interior design programs. An unprecedented initiative within the architecture and design industry, this suite of case studies bridges the gap between education and practice by teaching students how to apply principles learned in the classroom to authentic project scenarios.

“The Gensler Case Study series provides real-world professional scenarios for group and individual discussion,” said Jennifer Chandela, professor of Professional Practice at Tulane School of Architecture. “In my Professional Practice course it infuses the lecture class format with opportunities for seminar-style discussion.”

Utilizing the case study method of learning, the Professional Practice Case Study Series dovetails with topics covered in the AIA’s Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice. It prompts users to consider and test responses to various project challenges using critical reasoning and emotional intelligence. Included in lecture and small group settings at Tulane School of Architecture, the Boston Architectural College and other accredited programs, this educational resource has elicited positive responses from students and professors alike.

“By examining real-world projects, students can see for themselves the complexities and challenges that design professionals face on a day-to-day basis,” said Gensler Co-CEO Diane Hoskins. “By sharing how Gensler applies design principles to create effective solutions for our clients, we hope to give emerging professionals an edge and better enable them to hit the ground running as they transition from the academy to the profession.”

The second volume of the Professional Practice Case Study Series examines multipurpose base building and corporate interiors projects. Each entry in the series presents background information on budgets, funding and contractual agreements in order to convey a broad understanding of the overall project. Users are then guided through 10 different scenarios, each covering a different challenge, opportunity or project specific function. Video interviews with Gensler practitioners supplement the written material and provide personal insights into the design process.

To download a sample and purchase Gensler Case Studies, visit: www.gensler.com/academic-resources

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