A wall with graffiti. A room with a large mural on the wall. A hallway with a glass wall. A large room with a large white and yellow couches. A room with tables and chairs. A group of people sitting in a room with a large screen. A man and woman sitting at a table in a room with a large window. A long hallway with a few people.
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Chicago, Illinois

Located on the 12th floor of Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, 1871 is a co-working space, incubator and business accelerator where tech startup entrepreneurs can work, network and be mentored. It was critical that the space and infrastructure be adaptable to support a wide variety of possible uses and be customizable by users as businesses grow and change. Now the epicenter for Chicago’s thriving tech community, 1871 provides a growing network of more than 400 entrepreneurs with workspace, classrooms, meeting areas and social space that encourage impromptu collaborations, large group meetings, formal gatherings and serendipitous encounters – all critical to successful business growth and development.