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People Deck

San Jose, California

Gensler’s design team reimagined San Jose’s San Pedro Square Garage to repurpose and transform its rooftop level into a public urban destination and activated connector for San Jose’s downtown. This project serves as an inspirational model for repurposing public spaces into welcoming, inclusive, and active zones that elevate the urban experience for all community members.

The design concept is anchored by the idea that a reimagined parking deck can be converted into a “people deck” to meet new needs and well-being expectations that have emerged by acting as a convener for social activity, learning, relaxing, exercising, and authentic community building. The tranquil perch above the bustling San Pedro Market provides impressive views of the surrounding mountains, while also offering the potential to further connections to the area's burgeoning art scene and promote a sense of discovery. The vision for San Jose's People Deck enables sustained impact through its adaptability, multi-modal experiences that can be rotated over time, and integrated digital and physical experiences that can be leveraged to share the experience with the wider community.