Shape. A black book with a white and blue cover. Text. A white bag with a pink and blue label. Text. People around a large white sculpture. A close-up of a building. A toilet in a building. A large empty parking garage. A large indoor mall with people. A car parked in a parking garage. An orange and white sign. A car parked in a parking garage.
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Abdali Mall

Amman, Jordan

Located in Amman’s inner-city urban renewal hub, Abdali Mall is Jordan’s first development of its kind, with open-air food courts, indoor-outdoor restaurants and a cinema complex. To convey the mall’s promise of an unparalleled customer experience through architecture, hospitality and technology, Gensler developed a brand identity that is dynamic and vibrant. Featuring a wide color palette and flexible creative usage, the brand’s graphic language includes lines to separate information both horizontally and diagonally, applied to car parks as well as print collateral. Wayfinding is creatively delivered via hand-held tablets running a custom app.