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Atari Hotels

Las Vegas, Nevada

Atari Hotels partnered with Gensler to bring its iconic gaming brand to life with the debut of an experience-driven hospitality, esports, and entertainment destination. Atari Hotels is set to be the ultimate confluence of interactive, virtual, augmented, and immersive experiences, matched with an otherworldly hospitality environment. The reimagined hospitality destination delivers a unique guest experience along with robust lifestyle and wellness amenities including restaurants, art galleries, bars, nightlife, a rooftop pool setting, and biophilic design elements.

Gensler’s multidisciplinary team of hospitality, branding, sports, and digital experience designers collaborated with the trailblazing gaming industry brand to create a hospitality design concept that is rooted in gaming nostalgia with retro elements juxtaposed with state-of-the-art features, immersive experiences, future-cast vernacular, and front-edge embedded technology.