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AvalonBay Headquarters

Arlington, Virginia

The design of the new AvalonBay headquarters in Arlington, Virginia connects its philosophy, which puts its people and residents first, with an ever-evolving real estate market by creating a series of spaces and architectural forms within a raw yet refined framework. The result is a workplace with a strong residential feel that channels the equity REIT’s associates and guests through a choreographed journey that is imbued with a sense of playfulness and hospitality.

Visitors are welcomed into a residential-inspired great room where a combination of kitchen, living room lounge, and dining room spaces offer communal and collaborative areas on an elevated platform. The reception area features a mosaic floor that mirrors the human pulse — a nod to the fast-paced world of residential development that is ultimately centered around the human experience. Intentional ceiling and platform angles guide guests and workers towards an interconnecting staircase, which uniquely decreases in scale, complexity, and transparency as one descends.

Below the reception area, AvalonBay’s design library displays the latest on-the-boards projects while a catwalk hugging the exposed concrete shear wall leads past a floating conference room and into the cafe. The stair then descends another level to AvalonBay’s training center and conference breakout rooms and below this level, it leads to the marketing department and a hidden innovation center. Amenities are peppered throughout each level, rather than confined to a select zone, and each floor is punctuated by AV installations that reflect media activities from AvalonBay’s website and social platforms. The new headquarters reflects the dynamic energy of the changing real estate market and encourages workers and visitors to authentically experience the exceptional, spirited brand.