A street with cars and buildings on either side of it. A sign on a post. Graphical user interface. A sign on the side of a building. A red sign on a building. A sign outside of a building. A sign on a building. A person standing in front of a glass door.
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Avenida Escazú: Signage & Wayfinding

Escazú, Costa Rica

Gensler developed a cohesive strategy and design that would tackle the circulation paths and complexities of the mixed-use development. The signage and wayfinding program focuses on improving navigation and ease of access throughout the site from both a vehicular and pedestrian perspective. A consistent, clear and flexible design; strategic program hierarchy; and integrated color zoning allowed the wayfinding program to adapt and unify multiple architectural building types across the site. The result is a neutral and elegant design that simultaneously reinforces the Avenida Escazú brand image and purpose.