Shape. Shape. A glass walled building with a sign. Shape. A person standing next to a glass door with a yellow cartoon character. Background pattern. A hand touching a chart. A person walking down a hallway.
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CIT-ULACIT: Brand Design

Escazú, San José, Costa Rica

CIT, an extension of Latin American University of Sciences and Technology (ULACIT) located in Plaza Tempo, Escazú, Costa Rica, offers training and certification in new technologies, project management and English language studies. Working closely with the client, Gensler worked to visually convey CIT’s innovative approach to teaching and learning through a new brand identity program based on concepts of pixels, seen from a 3D perspective and expressed in both 2D and 3D applications. A new environmental graphics program serves not only to guide students in wayfinding, but also to create a distinctive, energizing brand for the University. Completed within an expedited schedule and on a modest budget, the overall design is bright, fresh and unconventional and incorporates neutral furniture, sharp finishes and extensive use of glass and bold graphics.