A room with tables and chairs. A room with a desk and chairs. A room with a large glass ceiling. A room with a desk and chairs. A large white and blue building. A room with a couch and chairs. A white ladder in a building. A blue and white striped wall. A white and blue metal railing. A row of white pillars. Background pattern.
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BankUnited Retail Prototype

New York, New York

Bank United commissioned Gensler to design the retail prototype for its commercial bank debut in Manhattan. Taking advantage of physical presence for brand development, maximum exposure and impact upon opening were key strategies behind the iconic design. To achieve the versatility necessary for the prototype’s implementation across multiple locations, Gensler developed the Fold, a memorable sculptural element ideal for its adaptability. The Fold design also allows BankUnited to define itself as a Network Bank by creating a cohesive multifunctional environment that integrates meeting and event space with traditional banking functions, inviting professionals in the field to gather and talk, before and after hours.