A large white ferris wheel. A large building with a large glass ceiling. A group of people on a escalator. People walking in a building. A sign on a pillar. A person walking on a sidewalk. A sign on a wall. A counter with a sign above it. A large white pillar in a building. A large white pillar in a building. A person standing in a hallway.
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Brookfield Place: Brand Design

New York, New York

Set over eight million square-feet, Brookfield Place is one of New York’s most robust downtown revitalizations. This renovation re-creates the former World Financial Center as a premier destination for work, lifestyle, retail, dining and cultural programs. Understanding how signage and wayfinding could enhance the experience of Brookfield Place, Gensler undertook naming, strategy, signage and wayfinding, and state-of-the-art digital programming to unite the immense mixed-use center. The end design is timeless, reflecting a simple vocabulary of materials, textures and patterns, incorporating static and digital signage, smart technology and custom directory content.