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Communicating the Way Forward Microsite

As organizations reoccupy the office, success will be influenced by your employee’s ability to adjust to new habits, behaviors, and expectations. Clearly communicating re-entry plans, along with the new protocols and policies, will be crucial to help employees prepare for the experience when they return to the office.

Gensler has created a microsite to help organizations communicate to employees and disseminate information about re-entry phasing, workplace etiquette, and links to important contacts and resources. The site is easy to deploy off-the-shelf and can be customizable for clients looking for more bespoke communications. With a design and tone that’s friendly and human, this new microsite will help educate and set expectations for staff and visitors as they return to the workplace. This centralized resource can continue to provide up-to-date information as circumstances evolve.

You can download a PDF with more information about the re-entry communications microsite here. To further discuss or learn more about implementing in your space, please contact Michael Chappell at .