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Culture Strategy

Gensler’s culture strategy approach leverages the best facets of the design process, behavioral psychology, and organizational development to generate the highly strategic thinking required to effectively transform an organization’s culture. A healthy work culture not only enables your people to thrive at work, it also has a direct and measurable impact on business outcomes — from employee engagement and talent retention to revenue generation and innovation capability.

Our proprietary Work Culture Indicator allows us to uncover how culture systemically operates and reveal what reinforces an organization’s cultural aspiration versus what derails it. After identifying an organization’s cultural bright spots (constructive aspects) and dim spots (destructive aspects), we work with our clients to generate and implement targeted solutions with measurable impact.

Targeted solutions to activate culture can range significantly based upon an organization’s current experience. Culture activations can vary in scale and may include spatial, behavioral, structural, and operational interventions specifically designed to achieve an organization’s strategic vision. Not only do we work with our clients to catalyze cultural change, we also enable long term culture transformation by building an organization’s internal capability to reinforce continuous cultural evolution.

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