DASH car decal on yellow Tesla Dash car service logo designed by Gensler. A black and yellow electronic device. A man in DASH branded shirt and cap being interviewed on the sidewalk A close-up of man wearing Dash branded clothing A man in the driver's seat of car wearing DASH branded shirt and hat A group of people posing for DASH ribbon cutting Group photo of team in DASH branded gear in front of yellow Teslas
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Tampa, Florida

Gensler created a brand identity to showcase the impact of DASH (Downtown Area Shared Hubs), an all-electric vehicle hub-to-hub transit service in Tampa, Florida. DASH offers the downtown community’s residents and visitors an inclusive, affordable, reliable, and convenient option while providing a quality experience. To emphasize the impact of DASH on the local community, our team created an identity that feels approachable, innovative, and welcoming. Intertwining letterforms represent how DASH provides connectivity and reliable transportation throughout the area and the brand’s vibrant yellow (reminiscent of the classic taxicab) provides a welcoming beacon.