Denver Beer Co outdoor patio
Denver Beer Co outdoor lawn
Denver Beer Co bar
People hanging out at Denver Beer Co outdoor patio with dog
Denver Beer Co outdoor fire pit
Denver Beer Co outdoor fire pit
Denver Beer Co street view at night
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Denver Beer Company, South Downing

Denver, Colorado

By reimagining a former gas station as a community hub, the new Denver Beer Co. concept in Denver’s Rosedale neighborhood creates an inclusive gathering space for residents and visitors that revitalizes the main street area. The building’s design is restrained, utilizing as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. With 25% of the site area transformed from asphalt parking to pervious green space, the site will avoid or mitigate potential flood damage. The team prioritized landscaping to create activity, bringing cozy seating and activities closer to the street frontage, while eliminating unnecessary parking. The project is an “urban retreat,” mimicking the feeling of the mountains and being in nature while still in the city.