A room with a wood floor and a wood floor with art on the wall. A building with a glass wall. A building with tables and chairs.
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Detroit Prep Academy

Detroit, Michigan

Building on the success of Gensler’s work at the Detroit Achievement Academy, the firm is working with Detroit Prep Academy to create a space that embodies the school’s mission of fostering a love of learning and fulfilling potential, while planning for the addition of one grade level each year. The beneficiaries of the space and the existing strong bones of the building —hardwood floors, built-ins in every classroom, and natural light — made it a visionary project. The school’s founders fought for ownership of the 100-year-old building, and Gensler brought the vision to life. Every space is a learning space, activating students’ minds to dream, explore, and learn from one another and their environment. Colorful graphics splashed across stairwells and interactive hallways support Detroit Prep’s always-learning environment. One-of-a-kind spaces that bring great design to everyone, and respecting the essence of the once-loved building that is now home to Detroit Prep were key objectives.