Engineering drawing. A person standing in front of a large poster. A group of white sculptures in a room with a large blue ceiling. A store with a variety of clothing. A large room with a large white floor and white chairs. A group of mannequins in a store. A room with a white table and chairs and a brick wall.
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El Palacio de Hierro, Querétaro

Querétaro, Mexico

This preeminent Mexican retail chain sought to reinvent itself as a luxury shopping experience in Querétaro’s Antea Mall. The concept, executed over three floors and more than 40 departments, is based on a natural wellspring, reflecting the surrounding landscape. Design elements are inspired by riverbeds, natural cliffs, forests and the night sky, across treatments both large and small. The anchor store ties to the rest of the mall through plantings and water elements that create a gardenlike connection. Engaging shoppers as they enter the store are small retail vignettes that contrast with a dramatic two-story video screen projecting images onto the water.

"We are very proud to announce that the Palacio de Hierro, Querétaro opening has been the most successful in the company's recent history, exceeding sales during its first operational week by 50 percent of what was originally projected. This store undoubtedly represents El Palacio de Hierro's DNA through the exceptional interpretation that Gensler translated into superb design and material quality.”
– Carlos Salcido, Marketing Director, El Palacio de Hierro