A large building with a courtyard and trees around it. A building with glass windows. A building with a large lawn in front of it.
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Electric Vehicle Enclave (EVE) Park

London, Ontario, Canada

The Electric Vehicle Enclave (EVE) Park is a net-zero residential development designed to integrate green energy technologies with a master plan that focuses on community and shared space. Comprised of four buildings that can hold 84 households, offered as one-, two-, or three-bedroom condos, units are fitted with energy-efficient appliances, ERVs for filtered air, and custom-crafted millwork. EVE Park rethinks the paradigm of suburban living by removing driveways and car garages to allow for more pedestrian-friendly walkways and outdoor spaces such as open parks, gardens, and trails. Each building, shaped like a helix, features a rotary smart parking tower to store all vehicles. EVE Park is forward-thinking in its program conceptualization and demonstrates how the integration of nature and technology can usher in the community of the future. The design concept was co-designed with Studio Dror.