A building with a sign in front. A sign outside of a building. A building with a sign on it. A row of blue and yellow lockers. A wall of colorful containers. Text. A large building with a parking lot in front of it. A street with trees and buildings. A blue and white sign. A blue sign with a cartoon on it. A tall blue sign.
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Exempla Saint Joseph Heritage

Denver, Colorado

As part of a campus redevelopment plan for this Denver hospital, Gensler partnered with a local signage company to provide a comprehensive, campus-wide wayfinding and signage program. Recognizing the complexity of the organization and the wide variety of users whose perspective and needs were critical to the development of an effective wayfinding system, Gensler developed a flexible system that is intelligent, unifying, urban and user-driven. Employing these principles, the resulting system creates a favorable impression and a distinct sense of arrival, along with clear cues for easy campus-wide navigation.