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A tall building with lights at night.
A tall building with a pool in front of it.
A building with lights on.
A modern building with a glass front.
A high angle view of a city.
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Four Seasons Mumbai Tower

Mumbai, India

Reflecting the Four Seasons’ reputation for sophisticated and refined luxury, this new tower introduces a clean and modern aesthetic complementary to the existing hotel property. At 380-meters tall and 81 floors, the tower – one of Mumbai’s tallest – embraces the site’s tight constraints, merging 1.6 million square feet of office, hotel, condominium and mixed uses into a gently tapered tower organized around a compact central core. A sleek double-skin façade improves energy performance and provides standardized hotel rooms, with the glass outer skin shedding dirt and pollution. Inside, a wooden wall exudes warmth and richness, delivering to the interior the counterpart of the exterior’s elegant signature statement.