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Gensler Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina

The new Gensler Charlotte office, located in the heart of city center, is a creative work environment built to serve as a living laboratory to test and explore new ideas, relationships, and products. A flexible approach to planning ensures the office design is built for longevity. In a post-pandemic world, the workplace can easily adapt to new cleaning protocols, social norms, and health and safety measures.

Gensler Charlotte's workplace strategy designates 80% free address seating for employees and 20% assigned seating. This dynamic seating plan allows the office to restructure itself freely and plan for change when returning to the office. Additionally, each studio has mobile benching stations so that teams have the flexibility to reorganize their workspaces to address ongoing needs. Through the introduction of an adaptable furniture collection by Fantoni (a Gensler co-designed product), this space promotes curiosity and discovery through a hackable and adaptable framework. The building itself accommodates the possibility of expansion in an adjacent space, given Gensler Charlotte's upward trajectory. Gensler Charlotte is a new workspace where continuous reinvention occurs, our people are energized, and our future is collectively built — a new home where creativity is at play.