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One South THREE

Charlotte, North Carolina

One South THREE is not a typical workplace amenity space. In accommodating shifting schedules and new hybrid work models, how does an office building provide a space where one can be productive, foster collaboration, and feel at ease, all at the same time? Tourmaline Capital Partners challenged Gensler to create a unique environment within an existing office building in Uptown Charlotte that’s infused with amenities and delivers a high level of service for tenants.

Reimagining the office building’s third floor by peeling back the skin and interjecting a 90-linear foot movable glass wall became a pivotal architectural move that allows the space to breathe and purposely draws an inside-outside connection. By creating this full-floor, 22,000-square-foot amenity suite, THREE provides a engaging workplace experience that focuses on building community and relationships.

Upon arrival, curiosity builds as the first impression reads more like a luxurious hotel lobby where intimate spaces feature a range of seating options, a soothing aroma is carried throughout, and a hospitable, welcoming concierge sets the tone. To create a high-level service experience that is tailored for tenants, a variety of space types focus on work, engagement, play, and wellness, each with its own persona yet connected. THREE distinguishes itself from the typical office building and supports the flexibility people need to adapt and transform the space to fit their unique needs.