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Gensler Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located in what was once an industrial area in the very centre of Dubai, Alserkal Avenue comprises around 40 warehouses that have been converted into galleries, dance studios, artisanal cafes, and more. The neighbourhood nurtures a culture of creativity and offers an ideal community for Gensler’s Dubai office to call home.

Inside a converted warehouse, Gensler’s Dubai workspace embodies a fluid, industrial, and experimental character that focuses on the needs of our team and supports different ways of working. The office design features a simple palette of finishes, including screed concrete floors and white-painted walls, circadian rhythm lighting, and flexible, sustainable furniture. The adapted Alserkal Avenue office maintains its original industrial aesthetic through lofty, well-lit open spaces with meeting pods located below a mezzanine, as well as a lounge-styled breakout area, and a large open area. Dubbed “The Runway,” employees and guests can gather in this open space to join community events and exchange ideas. The creative workspace reflects Gensler’s values of stewardship, delivers sustainable experiences, and focuses on being part of a thriving community, with an emphasis on encouraging employee wellness and engagement.