A building with trees and bushes in front of it. A building with people walking around. A building with a parking lot. A courtyard with a fountain and buildings. A couple of women sit in a living room. A group of people sitting at tables under a roof. A group of tables and chairs in a room with a view of the city. A group of people sitting around a pool in front of a building.
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Hotel Chaco

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Every aspect of the new Hotel Chaco, from the design and materials selection to the programmatic elements, is derived from the local context. Working closely with the client, Gensler spent an extended period of time exploring the historic ruins of nearby Chaco Canyon to help establish the hotel as a place of cultural significance. Incorporating a variety of natural raw materials from the region, including Chacoan stone masonry and wood timbers, Gensler’s design gathers inspiration from the art, sculpture and basket weaving of local artisans, as visible in the design of the building’s exterior façade. A garden sanctuary and luxury pool compliment the calming, spiritual nature of the property.