A room with a few beds. A room with a couch and chairs. A room with a large window and a table with chairs and a large globe on it. A bedroom with a large window. A table with chairs around it. A couch and a chair in a room with a fireplace.
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Hyatt Regency Tamaya

Bernalillo, New Mexico

The Hyatt Regency Tamaya partnered with Gensler to create a refreshed and updated interior featuring a design that thoughtfully pays homage to the Native American Pueblo tribe on whose land the nearly 550-acre resort and golf course reside. A welcoming and open lobby deepens the connection to the local Tamayan people by extending a cultural center into the brand-new space, which also incorporates design accents like antique textile rugs and custom art inspired by Tamayan pottery. A new ceiling enhances the open, airy feeling of the space with light cove soffits. The lobby also incorporates modern hospitality trends by replacing a single reception desk with multiple pods for a convenient and more welcoming guest entry experience.