A room with a desk and computer. A room with a staircase. A sketch of a house. A room with a wall of airplanes. A room with a wall of art. A white board with writing on it. A white board with a black chair and a red chair.
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International Financial Institution

New York, New York

This international financial institution wanted its newly relocated headquarters to inspire employees and create a culture unique to its New York locale. An integrated interior and brand design team helped realize an energetic, nimble new U.S. home base. New York City boroughs serve as the thematic thread unifying the space and its divisions, as well as judicious use of the company’s orange brand identity color. Gensler commissioned four visual artists to interpret and illustrate the city’s neighborhoods, forming the basis of environmental graphic design throughout the workspaces, collaboration areas and café. A series of two- and three-dimensional feature walls on each floor speak to distinct business operations and services. The holistic graphics program closes out with a fresh, comprehensive signage program.