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inVentiv Health Japan

Tokyo, Japan



A leading biotechnology company, inVentiv Health sought Gensler’s design and project management expertise for the relocation and consolidation of its four existing offices spread across Tokyo. Embracing new ideas in office design, the client sought an activity-based workplace to increase staff autonomy, allowing them to choose work environments that match their individual needs. Bold, playful graphics inspired by the company’s core values highlight key areas and amenities, strengthening brand awareness among employees. Breakout areas, focus rooms and lounges located along the glass perimeter were designed as multipurpose spaces, which could easily support meeting and socializing functions. The result is an efficiently planned workplace that offers staff greater flexibility, promotes a collegiate company culture and attracts the best talent in the industry.


優秀な人材を惹きつけ続けるオフィス構築の為、社員が働きやすく快適と感じる環境を目指し、働き方によって席が選べるABW(アクティビティベース型ワークプレイス)の考えを念頭にデザインした。一般執務エリア以外にも、ブレイクアウトエリアやフォーカスルーム、窓際のラウンジ席など、様々な働 く場所を提供。以前のオフィスよりも多目的に使えるスペースを増やすことで、効率的で変化に富んだ空間活用を実現した。また、多くの社員が通る動線上にインヴェンティヴ・ヘルスブランドからインスピレーションをうけたグラフィックウォールを配置することで、企業ブランド意識の向上を目指した。