The new gensler terminal at john glenn columbus airport A group of people walking in a new Gensler airport terminal at port columbus cmh The drive up to the John Glenn columbus airport terminal The drop off zone at the new john glenn columbus airport terminal Under the oculus in the new John Glenn columbus airport terminal People walking in the new John Glenn Columbus Airport terminal A person with a suitcase walking in a large room with people. A group of people in the entrance of John Glenn columbus airport terminal
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John Glenn Columbus International Airport Terminal

Columbus, Ohio

Guided by the pioneering spirit of the region, the statement-making new airport terminal builds on the promise that Columbus will continue to bloom as one of America’s great cities. Designed by Gensler, along with Columbus-based Moody Nolan and a team of other consultants, the new terminal at John Glenn Columbus International Airport will provide the region with a world-class facility to enhance the passenger experience, expand travel capabilities, increase functionality, and provide modern amenities.

The design of the airport terminal’s Y gesture mirrors the union of the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers, symbolizing the fluid pathways taken by travelers and the connectivity of the building as a regional hub. Additionally, the grand skylight references the sensation of the Midwestern horizon and expansive sky by creating an uplifting, luminescent space that allows for intuitive wayfinding. The terminal’s size matches the projected increase in passengers over the coming decades, and its design will allow for expansion opportunities in the years beyond.